Sunday, 28 July 2013

I was at my friends in Birmingham a recently, And I think I gave them the shock of their lives. heheh

It was during the month of Ramadan that i visited them, and the notion that I didn't fast struck them like a truck. it is a very big deal for sb not to fast. You have your Muslims everywhere who don't pray or do all sorts of things that are considered UN-ISLAMIC, but they all fast during Ramadan. So, they knew that I have changed quite a lot and, well, you can say not a Muslim anymore!

Chenar, who's my friend's first name, is rather traditional himself. so it was rather hard for him to accept that I was no longer regarding Islamic values as sacred or whatever you call them. But with all the contradictions that I have come to see within Islam, you just have to be an absolute moron to regard such an ideology as flawless.

I am glad to say that me and chenar are as brilliant friends as we have always been, I was actually really worried that he'd react differently. you can never know how a Muslim person would react to such news.