Saturday, 17 August 2013

My thoughts

today I witnessed (on the tele) one of the biggest mass killings in the recent history of peaceful protestors in Egypt (there were some reported incidents of torture however). I was in London yesterday and when I came home I didnt turn on news until the day after. and what I saw was shocking.
people getting killed on an alarmingly massive scale and all you get from powerful governments such as the US and the UK is a cowardly condemnation. Albeit the condemnation would have been more than enough had they dared to call the new men in power that they have taken over the country in a military coup.
this is, however, something that I again hold against God. why would he not intervene in situations like that? why wouldnt he just stop all those people from killing those who strongly believe in him? because those people who were getting slaughtered were all islamists and they all believed in him? (I am not saying those on the other side didnt by the way, which what makes this whole thing messier!!).
Maybe I am right after all. I told my brother recently that since it has been invented, God has been so busy playing with his palystation that he has forgotten about his creations here on earth ;). he is probably playing Grad theft auto right now.
my point is that God is not doing the logical thing here by letting his followers suffer like that. doesnt he have the absolute power? why is he not stopping this whole mess then? maybe he is not there after all and that is why he cant do anything about what is happening here on earth!!