Sunday, 26 May 2013

the truth

i have asked myself this question many times, why heaven or paradise or whatever it is called is so like the fantasies of the males in the society and not the females? especially in Islam? if you look at Islam you gonna see nothing in heaven for women. it is all for men starting with 72 virgins to rivers of beer to having sex with virgins and then the virgins turning back to being virgins again and so on!! Isnt it wierd that Allah asks women to obey him and in return he is going to give them a place where theres nothing for them that they cant get here on earth? why everything is so male orientated up there?
I have read a lot of islamic literature myself and I have never seen that women are going to be rewarded with this if they did this and that. there is just the broad explanation that if they obey God they will get into paradise!!!!
why would any woman want that? why would any woman want to see her husband banging another 72 women in front of her eyes?
and if you ever raise this question amongst the society you gonna get loads of threats first of all, then a torrent of abusive, moronic and silly mouthpieces from literally everyone.
I wish i would see a day where reasonable questions like that were answered without fearing that you gonna get your skull open before you get to the end of your questions.

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