Saturday, 13 September 2014

Absolute power?!!

Theist people usually go on about how God knows all and he has absolute power. they claim that God is everywhere too.
the other day I was thinking about this and, I have to say that it is very contradictory to have those powers and properties at the same time.
Assuming that God is always everywhere, it means that he cannot choose to be absent somewhere. in other words, he does not have the power to choose not be somewhere. this means he does not have absolute power after all, he does not have the power not to be somewhere.
And if you say that he can choose to not be somewhere, then that contradicts the assumption that he is everywhere. because he has chosen not to be somewhere.
the same thing is true for know it all. assume he knows everything, then that means he cannot forget and thus, he does not have the power to forget. And if he does, then that means he is forgetting and he does not know everything.
being able to think is a gift, do that theist folks.

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