Tuesday, 7 January 2014


It is absolutely disgusting when one is speaking his mind and he is getting threatened just because of that. I believe threatening is one of the worst forms of terror that an individual could be subjected to. especially if you live in a jungle like the one I am stuck in, Iraq.
I believe in freedom of speech. I believe that everyone should be able to speak up his mind without fearing for his/her own life. but that is not possible in this country apparently.
Just a few days ago, I went online and posted a few things in support of gay rights. I started receiving death threats immediately. I am used to being threatened online because i have been speaking up each now and then. but this time the whole thing has gone up to a new level. I am getting text messages on my phone which I have bought only a few days ago. I am in a state now where I cant go outside and live my life as a normal person. and that is all because I said something that others dont agree with.
If you actually believe that your religion has all the answers to all the problems that we are having, then why are you not letting me say what is on my mind? If your religion holds the ultimate truth, then why are you afraid of talking and start threatening at the very first chance that you get?
I have said it and I will say it again: there is nothing with being gay or any other form of sexual orientation. and if you think it is not right, then go blame your God because apparently it is his fault that gay folks are gay.
Threatening me will not gonna further your case, it is just a sad reminder of how fragile your ideology is.

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