Wednesday, 15 January 2014

What is wrong with people?

I feel really sad that I am actually writing this. I am at one of my mate's house in another city waiting for my flight day to come. I am leaving this country and seek asylum in the UK. all this because I dared to speak some logic to a bunch of religious lunatics who wouldnt understand anything but violence.
I have written before that i was being threatened but now I see no choice but to leave my country. i really fear for my life. especially with two fatwas being issued which allow for my blood to be shed. why? I will tell you why.
I was talking to a friend of mine and a bunch of other people were around us in a cafe. they branded the UK as an animal because the proposal for legalizing gay marriage had gone through. So i tried to explain to them that was not a bad thing. in the middle of the discussion I got a bit enthusiastic and said why is it wrong for two adults who love each other to get married while your prophet married a nine years old girl at the age of 47? why is it ok for your prophet to be a pedophile and not ok for two mature guys to get married?
the people got really angry at those remarks, because that is actually blasphemy from an islamic point of view. I managed to get out after apologising.
but on my way home some time after that, I got stopped by a few guys who threatened me. and that happened just around the corner from my house. in the morning I was informed by a friend that a fatwa has been issued and later my brother told me the same.
And now i am here in Erbil city waiting for my flight.
I still cant believe that you could get into so much trouble just by speaking what is on your mind. it is a shame that people would resort to such levels of violence just to keep you in line, just so you dont say anything they dont like.
I think I was quite lucky that i didnt tell that i was suspicious about whether God himself existed or not. that could have been the end of me and i would not have been able to even write this thing.
I hope the situation changes one day in my country.

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