Sunday, 20 April 2014

And he created man on the sisxth day!!!

In most of the allegedly divine books, such as Quran and Bible, it is claimed that God has created this universe and that it took him six days to get the job done. In those books, you are told that God has absolute power and whenever he needs something to be, he just says be and it will be.
Now, if we look at these two things, we can see there is a massive hole in this story. Why a God with absolute power and the ability to create the whole universe in literally no time takes 6 days to do so??!!! why waste all that time? Besides, if there was no universe when he created it, how those six days were measured? since there was no universe which means there was no time at all??!!!
The only reason for that, I say, is that the contract for creation was very lucrative and he wanted to take those six days so that he gets more cash out of whoever was who wanted God to create the universe!!!! Sounds more reasonable to me than the crap I have been told by religious folks.

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