Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Arguments of theists!!

When people ask me about my beliefs, and they find out that I am an atheist. they some times get a bit shocked. then ensues a torrent of questions that are aimed at proving God's existence which have got absolutely nothing to do with the subject.
The funny thing is that, my mum is quite religious, and she does not know that i am an atheist. and I would rather not tell her because i know in Islam religion should come before anything else. So, i dont want to risk it ;)
However, sometimes i do get in indirect talks with her about the whole concept of religion. and she tries her best to prove me wrong. and in doing so, sometimes she talks of things that are supposedly proofs of how Islam is the one true religion. it is like being told this computer is really fancy and so your chess board must be made of wood then!!!!
and listening to theists go on and on about how this ''beautiful and flawless'' system must have a creator is nothing different than listening to my mum trying to force her beliefs on me. at least it is funny with my mum :)

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