Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Pressure of the Society

I believe the society has the biggest effect on individuals. especially if you grow up in a strict one like mine where nothing outside the box is allowed. this, however, remains very unclear until you get a chance to get away from that society and see how other societies are.
later, when you go back to your own country, you are in for the biggest surprise of your life. you tell yourself: how could i ever lived amongst such close minded people? how could every body be so intolerant of other ideas? why is every body so much against anything that is the slightest bit different from what they are being told is the truth?
I know all of this because that is exactly what has happened to me. I went to Manchester last year and didnt really remember how bloody strict kurdistan was until i came back in march. I was just telling a few of my friends (in a joking way. because i knew that if i was to be looking seriuos, the consequences would be dire) that being gay is not in your hands and that gay people are mostly very nice and gentle folks. that was enough to ruin the whole day we had together because all i heard after that was how Allah is going to punish and burn gays and those who defend them. I got pressured to a point where i agreed with them for i was really scared as to what was going to happen if i had insisted on my original point.
I hope one day all the people from Iraq and Kurdistan get a chance to see how wonderful it is to live without fear. as I did for those short six months i spend in manchester. I cant wait to go back there to my MSc. but I have to come back after that too, which really sucks :(

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