Monday, 23 June 2014

God's plans!!!

Assuming that God exists and he/she ;) has absolute knowledge of everything, then that means he knew everything before he created universe and life and everything else. now, assuming all those things are true and that is how everything came to exist [according to divine books such as bible and Quran], then one can see a fundamental error in God's judgement and reasoning.
firstly, in the words of both bible and quran, which theist people believe to be the word of God, God is loving and he loves his subjects. why would a loving God create us knowing that some of us would Go the wrong way and end up in his Hell eventually?!! How does that suit the description of a loving entity?!!
Secondly, he controls everything. he knows everything. then why does he allow us to do wrong things if he loves us? isn't he able to create the perfect system no one sins and everyone ends up in heaven? and the free will crap doesn't answer my questions btw.

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