Monday, 2 June 2014

Is clothing related to sexual crime??!!

Today I was listening to what is called a ''scholar'' in Islam. He is apparently very knowledgeable in Islam and most other religions, I assumed, because of the way he was talking.
When he was asked a question about why Islam wants women to cover their hair, he gave the most ridiculous answer anyone could ever give. First, he linked not covering hair to rape!!! How those two are related, you must ask him!! Then he went on about how so many women are being raped in the western countries and how Muslim countries dont have that. As if coming forward and admitting you were raped was such an easy issue for a woman living in Saudi or Iraq or .....etc.
Even in the EU and US the issue is not that simple. last year the ONS in the UK said that there has been a surge in reported sexual abuse cases. It said, though, that it is very likely that more women are feeling confident to come forward now in light of the investigation into Jimmy Saville's case, not because there are actually more crimes being committed!! So, if you apply this to the Muslim world, it makes perfect sense. I know this for sure because I have grown up in Iraq and I know what is going on there.
So please Mr ''scholar'', take your religious crap back to your own place, you are not going to delude   humans here.

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